Our Stories

Through testimonials and stories, the unique and special needs of formerly incarcerated women — hardly exposed and seldom understood — can finally be heard.

Taking the first step — the unfamiliar, the unknown — opens up a world of possibilities.
As a girl, I dreamed of being an astronaut, of being something greater than myself. It was never my aspiration to spend my life in prison.
I don’t look like the average felon. I’m your daughter, America. Look at me.
I used to worry about doing better for the people I love — like how to pay for Disneyland for 15 grandchildren. Today, I do it one ticket at a time.
We talk about saving whales, elephants, dogs, not caging pigs ... How does humanity skip over people?
Ten times in and out of jail, a CO nicknamed me "Job Security." It broke my heart and made me take ownership of my life.
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