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Women behind bars are mostly invisible in the public discourse around mass incarceration. Their perverse and unique circumstances defy most public notions about crime, punishment and public safety. Visit this space for news and information about women, incarceration and criminal justice reform.

Two legal service clients of A New Way of Life are class representatives in a lawsuit alleging Disney violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act in its employment practices. It’s estimated that violatio...
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Cory Booker introduce the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act The bill bans shackling pregnant women or placing them in solitary confinement. The bill would also help in...
Now L.A. County trying to help JustUS Voices storyteller Lily Gonzalez talks about obstacles she faced seeking work after her return from prison.
Spending goes up as the number of prisoners goes down.
Piper Kernan writes that in the prison where she did time for thirteen months, there were Black women serving life sentences for crimes similar to hers. Harsher sentencing, she adds is inherently raci...
Contra Costa County gets funds to help people with mental illnesses or substance-abuse-related stay out of jail.
Alameda County gets money for community-based re-entry programs, from money state saved by not putting people behind bars.
“All I knew is that I was helpless and couldn’t be there for her,” Ashleigh Carter describes being separated from her three-year old daughter.
Cal State Fullerton, among other CSU campuses, helps students make a positive change in their lives with Project Rebound.
Nicholas Kristof calls Susan Burton a Modern-Day Harriet Tubman. Read his column on Susan’s journey and how she continues to clear paths for others to follow.