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Women behind bars are mostly invisible in the public discourse around mass incarceration. Their perverse and unique circumstances defy most public notions about crime, punishment and public safety. Visit this space for news and information about women, incarceration and criminal justice reform.

JustUS Voices storytellers Lisa James and Tiffany Johnson, , along with co-founder Susan Burton share their experiences in an examination of how violence against women often leads to their incarcerati...
Michelle Jones served over 20 years in an Indiana prison, where she became a published scholar of American history against all odds. She won and then lost admission to Harvard—once school officials ...
California’s Women Prisoners Risk Their Lives for Less Than $2.00 an Hour
Most women incarcerated in state prisons are mothers.
Two legal service clients of A New Way of Life are class representatives in a lawsuit alleging Disney violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act in its employment practices. It’s estimated that violatio...
Advocates laud change, urge states to take similar action.
Lack of money forces the innocent to plead guilty.
Now L.A. County trying to help JustUS Voices storyteller Lily Gonzalez talks about obstacles she faced seeking work after her return from prison.
Race often determines whether children end up in foster care.
Spending goes up as the number of prisoners goes down.
Black and Latino immigrants more likely to be falsely identified as gang members.
Lengthy jail stays worsen mental health.