• As a girl, I dreamed of being an astronaut, of being something greater than myself. It was never my aspiration to spend my life in prison.

  • I don’t look like the average felon. I’m your daughter, America. Look at me.

  • I didn’t know the me I am today. But other people saw what I didn’t see in myself.


The JustUS Voices Resource Center provides information and links to organizations, programs and research that support and empower formerly incarcerated women.

Partner Toolkit

Whether speaking in the studio or on the stump, before the camera or an audience of the unconverted, this collection of tips, techniques and tools will give you full command of your story and your voice.

Restore Your Rights

In California, formerly incarcerated citizens can regain their voting rights under Prop 47. Certain nonviolent felonies can also be reclassified as misdemeanors. Don’t miss your chance to be heard on decisions that shape your community.